Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Joint Child Custody

Custody of a child is and should be one of the most important aspectswhen it comes To the separation of the parents. Joint child custody iswhere each of the child's parents has Equal custody of said child orchildren.This type of custody is characterized by the responsibility of Boththe mother and the father of the children. Physical and legal matterscan be covered under a joint child custody agreement.The parent with legal custody gets to make all the decisions of achild's life including health-doctor, Education-school, Welfare ofsaid child. Physical custody is who the child will actually be withmost of the time.Both parents can have joint custody in these two areas. One parent mayhave the child during the week for school. The parents may split thetime during the week. This has to be thought through very carefully.You do not want to make it tough for the child while in school.Staying at a parents house during part of the week that is quite aways away from the child's school will make it tough on the that childand can affect the school work being done.Now if the parents have split up and are both still in the same schooldistrict this would not be a problem.How do you about obtaining the joint child custody result? The parentsmay differ on this.The easiest way is to come to an agreement between the two parentsthemselves. This will save each parent a significant amount of moneyin terms of lawyer's fees and court costs.Another alternative is to let a judge or master decide. Depending onthe parent, the judge may rule for joint child custody. He also mayrule that one parent would be better for the child to stay with. Thisis most certainly true in the case of mental and physical abuse to thechild by one of the parents.The state in which you reside needs to be taken into account. Thereare states that are no fault states as is the case in Pennsylvania.What this means is that no matter how many times you spouse hascheated on you, the courts will not take this into consideration whenit comes to determining if joint child custody is warranted.The best thing you can do to prepare yourself and to increase yourchances of joint child custody is to get as much information and someproven strategies that will work in you favor.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Marriage Counselling

If you want to make one last effort to save your marriage, you should research a marriage counselor. We found Cristina Balbo and loved the work she did for us. You will go a long way before you find someone as compassionate as she is.

If you think you have any chance to save your marriage, call Cristina!

Protect your Children

The toughest part of working towards my divorce is wondering how my children would handle this. When we first told them, they were extremely upset, it was decided that we would get a counselor for him. Surprisingly, they were very open to the idea. So after much research, we settled on Amy Marcus in Huntington. What a fantastic just she has done for us. Our children have really come around. I must admit that our children are becoming well adjusted to our situation. Thank you Amy.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


If you are in the process of divorce and don't trust your spouse, you need to protect yourself and watch this video. It is very scary!! Your cell phone can very easily be bugged!!

YouTube Video

Friday, April 24, 2009

Your Lawyer is Your Partner

Don't look at your lawyer as someone that works for you and will solve all of your problems. He or she needs to partner with you to make the best case possible. Work together so they can help you present the best case possible. Remember that the person you choose wants to look good in front of his/her peers, so help out, it will only help your case and will make your lawyer want to work harder for you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are All Spouses Mean During The Divorce

Please post your story. We would all love to hear about how your spouse has changed during your divorce. What you have to say can be really helpful to others in the futher. Let's hear the good, the bad and the ugly!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Your Not In This Alone

Yes, this is your divorce and no one knows more than you what you want. However, if you can turn to your friends and family for advice, take it. You don't have to act on what they are telling you, but options and other opinions should be listened to. In my case, I thought that my marriage would work. Those around me could see that I was wrong. So maybe now it is time for me to see that I was wrong and perhaps they have a better perspective than I do. Also, I talk to my family because I need people around me to keep me strong. I want nothing more than to end my divorce. Because I want this over quickly, I am willing to cave in on my spouses demands. That is where my family and lawyer come in. They won't allow me to be weak and give in. If you reside to the fact that you need to listen to them, it will make you stronger. That being said, you still need to know what is fair and draw the line there.